refurbished bikini top


1 frilly top + 1 old bandeau bikini (mine was rust stained from a keys adventure) = brand new top to lay out in!

I have been fiddling around with things in my house, since I really can’t leave for too long, and I discovered this gem of an idea. I am in horrific shape from studying for months, please don’t hold that against the bikini. Also, because I am a future professional, or at least hope to be, I cannot provide full body pictures. You will just have to trust me that this bikini top rocks!!!

First, I pulled the stitches that connected the frilly top to this hideous blouse out.

The top already looks better without all the frill! More on the top later though, today we are concentrated on the frill.

I cut the embellishment off the front of the bikini. Then, cut the frill in half and sewed it all the way around the bikini top. I used a loose hand stitch, because the top still needed a bit of give when worn. I used fabric glue to lay the bottom layer of the frill to the front of the bikini. With my mini sewing machine, using a simple stitch (only stitch it has sadly), I sewed the ends of the frill in on themselves. I could lace a bow through, but they sit well, and hide the hardware from the bikini clasp as is.

There you have it, one of my first documented sewing adventured gone right! Hope you find this idea helpful<3


24 thoughts on “refurbished bikini top

  1. This is amazing Anita!!! I will have to scower my closet to see how I can repurpose some clothes… I do have some stained bathing suits, but they are bottoms… hmmmm.

  2. You are so funny – I was just like you at your age. Trust me, you look outstanding! Excellent sewing skills! I’m going to send you the address to a blog I follow – I think you would like it very much! She’s called the Renegade Seamstress and she refashions clothes and I am so impressed! I’m not as talented as either one of you! Also, breathe – it will all be over in about 2 weeks. For Lawyerboy it is the 23 and 24 then he and his dad are taking off for a father son trip somewhere to a Jimmy Buffett concert. You should do the same………after its done, relax. You will be a licensed attorney soon enough and then you are going to work your hinney off! xoxoxox

  3. Heyyyy… I know you must be suuuper busy because you haven’t managed to update your blog in awhile, and I hope you get this! I’m trying to let my subscribers know that I moved the hosting for Sugar Dish Me so it won’t appear in your reader anymore. The address is still the same and I’d love it if you’d re-subscribe via email or rss feed. Thanks for reading Sugar Dish Me!!!

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