cupcake quiche

I love quiche, and wanted to serve it at Darwin’s birthday party at the dog park. I could not serve a full quiche at the party because that would involve cutting, extra plates, and honestly a cut-into and butchered quiche would not look very appetizing after the first puppy made a “present.” That is why I decided to put the quiche into cupcake tins instead, and make a lot of little cupcake quiches. I’m glad I did because they were perfect for the occasion.

This is my favorite crustless quiche recipe, made mobile. I got the original recipe from my boyfriend’s uncle. I changed it a little, and I think it is even better. The ingredients I used were double what I would use to make one crustless quiche at home.

Ingredients: 1 package frozen spinach; 1/2 a pack of bacon; 1 container cottage cheese (the bigger size, 24oz I think); 6 eggs; 1 package shredded cheese (either Colby Jack or a Mexican blend, the 8oz package);  1/4 cup flour; and about 4oz heavy cream.

First, I defrosted and strained the spinach, which I then put into a large bowl. Then, I chopped and cooked the bacon until it was crispy. After that, I added the bacon and all the other ingredients into the large bowl. Once everything was in the bowl, all I had to do was mix everything up. Then, I ladled scoops into silver cupcake tins, which I had laid in my cupcake pan. Unlike real cupcakes, quiche cupcakes don’t rise, they sink. Because of that fact, I always fill the cupcake tins up with the quiche mixture.

The little cupcake quiches cooked at 350° for about 20 minutes.

These hand-held babies were so clutch. I love that they seem so fancy and pretty, but are so hearty and easy to make.

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18 thoughts on “cupcake quiche

  1. Your recipe sounds grand. You know as a busy mom I make these in advance, freeze them and pop them in microwave or oven and quick breakfast on those crazy mornings. Little mini’s are great for this. BAM

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