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Quesadillas y Enchiladas 

I want to start this post out by saying I NEED NEW PLATES! In case you are looking John, I don’t want flowers or a fancy dinner for vday. I want cute stuff. I am so tired of using paper and plastic ones. They are so bad for the environment and they are ugly. I am almost done with law school, I need to grow up.

This recipe is wonderful because with all the same ingredients, I can make 2 separate mexican meals on the go.


2 chicken breasts

1 jar of salsa

1 can of enchilada sauce

1 package of flower tortillas (containing 10 tortillas)

1 small container sour cream (optional)

1 bag of mexican cheese

I started out by placing the 2 chicken breasts in my crock pot with the jar of salsa. After 3 hours on high, the chicken was falling apart and I used two forks to shred it. If I were making this for more people, I would use my handheld mixer on low to shred the chicken. It is a good quick tip for the lady on the go.


For the quesadillas, I set aside 6 of the tortillas, and about half of the mexican cheese. I put a pan on medium high, sprayed it with pam, put a tortilla down, covered it in a scoop of chicken, a handfull of cheese, and topped it off with another tortilla. Once the cheese started to melt, I flipped everything. It is pretty simple and you can make as many as you want. My recipe is to feed 2 people, but obviously there is room for change.

John added sour cream to his, but I tried to be a little more healthy. These were sooo delicious and surprisingly filling.


For this recipe I used all the remaining cheese, chicken mixture, tortillas, and the can of enchilada sauce. I put some enchilada sauce (about 1/2) on the bottom of a medium sized square pan. Then, I took a tortilla, filled it with chicken, folded it shut, and placed it, folded end down in the pan. Once I had done that with the other 3 tortillas and they were snug in their pan, I poured any salsa left in the bottom of the crock pot and the rest of the enchilada sauce on top. I then put the rest of the cheese on top and baked the enchiladas at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Again, John used sour cream and I didn’t. These had a whole different flavor because of the enchilada sauce and were also delicious and filling.

If I had more time, maybe I would have made yellow rice to go with this recipe. It is the more fancy looking of the two and could be made for friends for dinner.

Both recipes were cheesy, delicious, and muyyyyy rapido! They both would have looked so much better on new plates, just saying xo