coconut shrimp paleo roll

You read it right, I dreamt up a Paleo sushi recipe, and put it into action! I absolutely love sushi, but the rice and all the soy sauce are bad bad bad! To make one of my favorite treats healthier, I looked to the Paleo diet. I invited my lovely friend Jess (who has become my paleo guru) over, and we had a lovely time making sushi and letting our pups play.

Before I get started on my recipe, I want to thank all the gracious bloggers who have given me awards. I am so sorry I have not posted them. I have 3 weeks left of law school and I’m drowning under research. I am afraid I may not post while I am studying for the FL Bar and I will likely not be up to date with what all you lovely bloggers are doing. I can’t wait until it is all over and I can have fun again. That being said, I found a wonderful blog, written by a beautiful girl, that I would like to say is definitely one of the bloggers I would pass an award on to. Check her out at Cibus Amare

Sushi Ingredients:

1/3 lb uncooked shrimp with no shells
1/3 lb sushi grade salmon (cut lengthwise)
2 mexican avocados (or one of the larger kinds)
1/2 a lime
1 cucumber (peeled and cut lengthwise)
about 1/3 of a can of coconut milk
about 1/3 a cup of coconut flour
coconut oil on hand
nori seaweed paper

Soy Sauce Substitute:

a splash of coconut milk
sriracha (as much as you like, I like a lot)


First, I covered the raw shrimp in coconut milk and put them in my fridge for a couple hours. Then, I coated each piece with coconut flour and fried them in coconut oil. I only used enough coconut oil to coat the pan, and had to watch out for a few splatters. When the shrimp were done cooking, I chopped off their tails, and cut them in half lengthwise. However, while the shrimp were cooking, I put all my avocado meat and hand squeezed my lime half into my magic bullet and combined them. When that was done, I laid out nori on my bamboo sushi roller and stacked all my ingredients (closer to the top half ) on my nori. Then, I smeared a little of the avocado paste on the nori and rolled. I repeated this process 5 times. Then, I cut my rolles into bite sized pieces. I don’t own a very sharp knife, so this was a little difficult for me, since the avocado makes this a more moist roll. My advice would be to use your sharpest knife.

John’s mom gave me this fun sushi plate and I am glad I finally got to use it. Jessica and I had so much fun, and the sushi was absolutely delicious! A definite win for the Paleo world.