hanging garden

I saw this hanging garden a while ago, when it circulated around Pinterest. Needless to say, I was pinterested! Side note, if you want to follow me and pin fun stuff together, I have a link to the right that will show you my inner most likes:] Anyway, the garden I saw was just a picture of a garden. I had no idea how to make the lovely hanging garden I saw, but I knew who would, my Dad. My Dad is pretty much a super hero and is always able to help me. He always finds a way to be there for me. That aside, I was right, he knew exactly what to do and bought me all the materials!

We (my dad and I) constructed this garden a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had time to post. I have been studying for the FL Bar every day now. I have even had a true blue “I am going to fail!” moment. I am told everyone will have at least one. So here I am, turning to my favorite stress reliever.

Materials (and tools):

3 mason jars (or as many as you would like to hang)
1 plank wood
3 hose clamps (same # as your mason jars)
3 washers (same # as mason jars)
3 screws (same # as mason jars)
electric drill
small flat head screw driver
picture hanging kit from ACE (or screws and wire to hang 50lbs)
lava rocks
top soil
3 small plants (any kind)
water, sunlight, and love:]


I found the antique piece of pecky cypress that I used at a salvage yard. There are companies that pull wood off of old houses that are being demolished. Google and see if there are any in your area. My piece of wood cost me $15. I think it is much prettier than a regular old plank, like the ones you would find at Lowe’s. The hose clamps have slots in them. I positioned each one the same way. I put them in the position, where the screw used to tighten the clamp, was to my left. My Dad placed a washer over one of the slots and screwed a screw in, using his electric drill. Repeat that process as many times as you want to, we did it 3 times, but do not crowd your board. Keep in mind that an antique board may not be able to hold as much weight. I put lava rocks at the bottom of each of my jars, to drain water, filled the jars with topsoil, added my plants, and watered them. Once the jars were ready, I put them into the hose clamps and tightened the clamps with the small flat head screwdriver until they were stable. Then, I used the kit to hang my lovely garden:]

Thank you for everything, Dad!