ribs ribs ribs

I actually made this recipe for my boyfriend, John, for our Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ll notice that he bought me the plates I asked for:] Now I will never have to post my delicious food on paper plates again! Back to the ribs, John said that they were the best ribs he’d ever had! I never thought I would be able to cook ribs this good, and am very proud of this recipe. Every good southern girl should have a rib recipe like this.

I got the cooking methods from MMM…is for mommy, but used my own ingredients, and added my own twists.

Ingredients: baby back ribs (mine had 7 bones); 1/2 a can of Dr. Pepper (I used the real sugar kind, but you can substitute the regular kind.); Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce; 1 heaping tbs paprika; 1 heaping tbs light brown sugar; a couple shakes of garlic salt; and a couple of shakes of pepper.

First, I mixed all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then rubbed the ribs down with the mixture. I made sure to get every inch of the ribs, then I placed them bone down in my crock pot. I let them sit, on high, for about 30 minutes before I turned them down to the regular setting.

When I turned the temperature down, I added enough Sweet Baby Rays to cover the ribs, and splashed on 1/2 the can of Dr. Pepper. Then, the ribs just sat for about 6 and 1/2 hours, while I enjoyed the other 1/2 of the Dr. Pepper and went about my day.

After the ribs had spent a total of 7 hours in the crock pot, I took them out, and placed them in a baking pan lined with aluminum foil. I then took all of the drippings and boiled them down in a sauce pan, until they were a thick and rich sauce. Once the sauce was ready, I coated the ribs with it and stuck them under the broiler for about 5 minutes.

The ribs came out with a nice crisp outer layer. Putting them under the broiler really was the key to making my nice tender ribs even better! Though they look a little charred, they were not burnt, far from it. They had an amazing coating that sky rocketed this recipe to one of my all time favorites!

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