easy peasy pea pesto

I have been in love with the hanging herb garden my Dad helped me build. It has been key in supplying fresh ingredients for making a lot of yummy dishes, like this one. My best friend, Michelle, told me that if I ate well and exercised more, maybe my negative Nancy Bar bawling would end. I think she was right! She reminds me of how the crazy can come out of people who are hungry, stressed, and tired. Having friends like her, help my anxious butt survive this crazy and uncomfortable thing I currently call life.

I discovered this super easy pea pesto recipe a while ago, and I am super obsessed with it right now. I have made it 2 times while studying today. After figuring out that 2 of my best friends had never heard of pea pesto, I just knew I had to post it! For all my paleo friends, like Michelle, the pesto is paleo. Remember to put it over spagetti squash (or something like it) and omit the parmesan cheese.

This recipe makes enough for 2 sides, or one filling meal:]


1 cup frozen peas (you can use fresh ones if you have them)
a large pinch of grated parmesan (omit this if you are paleo)
4-5 splashes of heavy cream
garlic powder
garlic salt
1/2 handful fresh basil
a bowl of angel hair pasta, or for paleo people spagetti squash to pour your pesto over


Put the peas, basil, and parm in a food processor (I used the Magic Bullet) and blend until relatively smooth. It will look like the picture above. Then, pour the contents and your cream into a small saucepan on medium. When that begins to simmer, add from 5-10 shakes of garlic powder. I use more rather than less. Let everything come to a boil. Then, pour your pesto over your pasta and mix everything together. Sprinkle the dish with garlic salt and serve.

21 thoughts on “easy peasy pea pesto

  1. I started laughing when I read this post – of course you would make my favorite pasta in the entire world! I have always called it my green spaghetti. There’s an Italian restaurant in a small town about 2 hours from here that my husband and I take a weekend drive two about once every 3 months. Sometimes, some of the kids meet us – and I wouldn’t dream of wasting my visit on anything but this! Has to be one of the top 10 things I have ever eaten!! YUM!!!

    • Yesssss!!! Figures we would love the same thing! I have eaten it every day this week. I am a fiend. I am sure I will have to start eating something else soon, since I am running out of peas, but I know I will not get burnt out on it. I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it. It is very simple. Much more simple probably than your favorite place.

      • OH yeah, WAY more simple. Even though It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, and I’m getting ready for that drated infernal yard sale – I could eat a plate of that (with 3 meatballs on the side) right this minute! I love Guiseppies Italian Restaurant! I’ll try to make it sometimes soon…..I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • It is definitely all about the peas! The basil with the peas makes the dish taste so fresh. I am a fan of only adding salt when serving a cream sauce and not during cooking (again only with cream sauces). This may help to not overpower the fresh flavors.

  2. I make something like this with spinach and call it “Green Noodles.” My kids love it–so I’m happy to see a new twist on the green noodles! 🙂 This looks fresh, delicious, and as easy as I’d like!

  3. Love you girlie! And this looks legit! I bet it would be awesome a la spaghetti squash 🙂 And definitely ward of the hunger demons…actually, the whole thing being green makes me think of hulk… “you dont wanna see me when I’m hungry”

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