paint stick sign

While studying for the bar today, I realized I am not as versed in the law as I thought. My worst subject so far is real property. John claims that it is a toughie for everyone. I hope so, otherwise I am boned! I remember sitting in a bar survey class and the teacher saying, “look to your left and to your right, out of the three of you one of you will fail.” I sincerely hope I am not the one who fails. In fact, I do not want anyone in that class to fail. It is pretty rough how we are pit against each other. My dad calls it, “meanness training.” I think he might be right. If everyone knew all the terrible things lawyers went through to become lawyers, maybe they would ease up on the jokes. The bar alone is so tough, so stressful, and so traumatizing, that Nixon mentioned it in his impeachment speech. That poor bastard must have figured that if he could go though the bar, he could go through anything.

On a lighter note, I used the plethora of paint sticks I received when buying paint for my new place to create a door sign. My friend Stephanie started calling me Pita during our 2L year. The name stuck, and I began calling my old apartment, “The Pita Pad.” Even though my student digs were far from choice, I became attached to the apartment and wanted a way to bring a little piece of it and law school to Tampa.

Basic Design: 

My dad drilled holes down the sides of each stick, which I looped twine in and out of. Behind each stick is a knot in the twine. Because the paint sticks were narrow, I didn’t have space to drill 2 holes in each stick. Without a second hole in each stick, the sticks would not lay flat. Because of this, I added an extra paint stick in the middle. I tied the extra stick at the top and bottom with twine, but super glued it to the rest of the sticks.

10 thoughts on “paint stick sign

  1. Adorable. Love the color choice as well! The test will go well……..stop worrying. You are what we call here in Oklahoma a ‘worry wart’. Now, you don’t want to be called a WART do you?!?!? 🙂

  2. I just love this idea!!! I know a couple of people who would like this! I have a friend who is a U.S. attorney here in Birmingham. I was told (not by him) that he passed the bar the first time and that is highly unusuak. Isn’t that right? That is said not to be dicouraging but rather to say dont’ beat up on yourself so much. I do admire you guys for all you endure. It is a lot!

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