baked artichoke soufflé

I have been soooo busy moving into my boyfriend’s condo in Tampa, that I have not started working on my bar prep or posting! Eeeep! My bar class starts in a week or so, so I have a little time. I guess I am just starting to get the jitters because a pretty heavy box just came in the mail, filled with books for me to read, for bar prep. I am starting to get disheartened, I feel like I will not have the condo how I like it before bar prep, and I am scared of the bar. Also, I feel like everyone is a lawyer these days. Maybe I should have gotten my phd instead of my jd…life is a funny thing.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I am posting a yummy appetizer I came up with, with inspiration from some of my fun Italian family members:] I love baked artichokes, but you really need to spice them up or make a dipping sauce, to pair with an artichoke. That’s when it hit me, put a soufflé in the middle to eat with the petals!


1 large artichoke (“scalped” and you may also cut the surrounding petals, I chose not to)
garlic salt
olive oil
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
1/2 cup milk heated (not boiled)
1 and 1/2 egg yolks
1/4 cup grated gruyère
2 egg whites beaten stiff (I do it by hand, but it takes forever)


First, season your artichoke with a little bit of garlic salt, pepper, and olive oil. Then, bake it at 400° until it looks done. I just eyeball it. Once it is done, take it out, but leave the oven on. While the artichoke is cooling, heat your butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Then, sprinkle in your flour and mix it well and then whisk in your milk. Cook this a few minutes, and then take the pan off heat and whisk in your yolks. Next, add your gruyère and mix it well. Right before gingerly folding in your egg whites, dig out the middle of your artichoke a little. Do not dig too deep, or your soufflé will not rise very high. I tend to over dig and under pour, do not make my mistakes! Lastly, pour your souffle mixture into your artichoke and bake at 375° for 12 minutes. Once it is done, serve to friends and family immediately and enjoy:]

28 thoughts on “baked artichoke soufflé

  1. No, no no! JD is the correct degree! Now, you can do anything honey. All the top positions formerly filled by Masters (me) and PhDs are quickly being scooped up by JDs. Community relations is a field I think you would be great in. You have to know the law to know what you can and cannot say on TV and to the Newspaper, particularly in state or federal agencies. Public Service is a very noble thing – I should know! Civil Right offices now only hire JDs as investigators. There are so many things you can do because write municipal bonds, defend the public, or become a criminal or tax attorney. You did the right thing! I promise and I am always right. The big heavy box of bar study stuff arrived a week or two ago……it looks daunting but remember – it took John Kennedy (best education and smartest parents allowable in the U.S.) 3 times to pass. No one ever asks once it’s done, just like no one asks what you made in freshman econ. If you have it you have it………no one asks how many times it took. Okay, enough “mom-talk” because I gave this speech earlier this week! : ) The recipe looks very tasty! Maybe I’ll try it soon.

    • I didn’t know about Kennedy. Thank you so much! I am just scared because I really don’t know how to go about getting jobs. I have always just fallen into something. I would love to do something to help people, to give my professional life some meaning. It is always nice thinking I have a lot of options and some of them are more noble. I am always scared when I run across a slimy lawyer that that is what is expected of me…

      • I understand that. I was a social worker prior to becoming a red-tape-maker and SW are always portrayed about like attorneys on TV and of course TV is where the bulk of America gets its information. In Florida, search Florida State Government jobs and go to their website. Then simply search for attorney position. You also might look for something called a Legal Developer. Many agencies have that (we do in Aging Services) and it is more of a federally funded position position in the states set up for AoA. Also, Smarty-Pants Son had some trouble with the “falling into” the job thing. He’s from a very small town (14 graduating class) and he was the golden boy! He was in undergraduate school as well. But, when he got to law school – everyone else was a golden boy or girl as well. You are both in a profession where the cream of the crop lives. NOW, is when your real competition begins. That job he got did not fall into his lap – we warned him early on that life would not be as easy as it once was. He beat the bushes for that position. He’s not in the top 10% of his class (top 20%) but he got the top job because he got out there and let people know he WANTED to work hard……So – search online, fill at the applications and send them in. When you interview, TELL them you want the job. Most people don’t do that. A state/federal job makes a difference and is much more stable than starting your own business! 🙂

  2. Best of luck with your bar exam.
    It always feels scary at the beging but once you get started that pile of books will seem less and less daunting
    I love the idea of this dish, the perfect companion for artichokes

  3. Lovely looking starter, I hope it cheered you up and calmed your nerves a bit. A few deep breaths and a bit of peace is what you need, by the sounds of things. You only feel as if everyone’s a lawyer because you’re in the midst of a load of them, but once you get out of that world you’ll find out how valuable your studies have been. If I were you I’d be scared too, but look how far you’ve come already, that’s impressive in itself! Best of luck with the books and the new condo, I’m sure you’ve already made great improvements.

  4. First of all congfrats on the move and good luck with the studies! I love this idea, so novel. We get loads of artichokes here so am always looking for inspiration…this is fantastic!

  5. This is beautifully brilliant.
    The condo isn’t going to get up and wander away, so study and let it be. Just don’t be like those crazy people on Hoarders that don’t unpack for 20 years and everything will be fine.

  6. I have to admit that I know nothing about law…but I DO know that that looks really tasty! I hardly ever cook artichokes myself but this I will be trying 🙂
    good luck with the move and beginning your new study! x

  7. Looks amazing! I must try. Funny how was I was looking through a magazine and saw a recipe for artichokes and realized I have never made anything with them. Great idea!

  8. What a splendid idea! This looks absolutely gorgeous and drool-worthy. Take a deep breath, and dig right in. You will be fine…after all you have been basically studying for the Bar for the last three years. Good luck!

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