cheesecake stuffed cupcakes

As I have made painfully clear, I am in crazy study and freak out mode. When I am stressed, I have the terrible habit of eating sweets. I have already gained 2lbs and I have been jogging regularly. As my best friend, Michelle, would say, “my sweet tooth is going crazy!”

My friend, Stephanie, really helped me beat a deadline on an assignment, so I was able to concoct this devilish delight and also have a few drinks with her. Ironically, my favorite cheap champagne, Cupcake brand champagne, was on sale last week. Stephanie and I sat around baking and drinking all afternoon. What can I say, when I’m bad, I’m bad.

I have been going back and forth from my fridge, for finger full after finger full of icing and the cream cheese mixture all day today. Hopefully posting has calmed my nerves enough to help me stop stuffing my face. Especially since my mom just called to say she was buying me a new bikini! Now I have more big decisions on my plate…pink or blue…eat less or jog more?


Your favorite yellow cake mix
Your favorite chocolate frosting
1 container full fat cream cheese
1 small container marshmallow fluff


Bake the yellow cake into cupcakes according to the directions, with the exception of the temperature. Lower the baking temperature to 325°. By doing this, you are assuring yourself more lovely, puffier looking cupcakes. While the cupcakes are baking, beat your cream cheese and marshmallow fluff together with a hand mixer. Make sure there are no lumps, and that the mixture is smooth. This should only take a couple minutes. Once the cupcakes are done baking, let them sit out until they are cool. Once they are cool, take an apple corer and core all the cupcakes. Once the cupcakes are cored, cover them with the chocolate icing, omitting the hole in the middle. Pipe the cream cheese mixture into the cored cupcakes and serve immediately.

40 thoughts on “cheesecake stuffed cupcakes

  1. I like this very much!! It sounds so yummy and also so easy which I also like. The cream cheese with the marshmallow fluff sounds like a good combo. I will have to try it with a recipe. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • I need to jog more! I keep getting scared though. I live in Orlando and it is very dangerous. I rarely have friends to jog with, so I bring mace and Darwin. Tonight I didn’t jog because there were search helicopters out:[ I don’t even live in a bad area, the city is just dangerous. I want to move back to the country.

    • Thanks! You can use any batter and dye the cream cheese. I think it would be perfect for easter with strawberry batter and a mint green center. I can’t believe I never thought of this before, it just came to me to core cupcakes when I bought my new corer.

  2. These look amazing but I wouldn’t worry about 2lbs, it’s not that bad. I reckon you’ll lose it through brain work and nervous energy with all your studying. How long till your exams?

    • A week or so until a paper is due, then a week until finals, then July bar. I am scared it will keep coming. I am a stress eater and I will have less and less time to take care of myself. After the Bar, my boyfriend is having a huge party at his beach house, so I need to stay fit.

      • I see what you mean, if you’re doing that much work for so long then you might not make time for jogging or keeping fit. Maybe you should force yourself to take a proper break every couple of hours (or more frequently), even just get up and walk around, do some stretching or something? Every bit of movement helps I think when you’re spending so much time sitting reading or working. Best of luck with your paper this week.

      • Thank you! I think that sounds good. Maybe I can do leg lifts while sitting. I am thinking of buying a large work out ball to force myself to keep good posture and burn calories while sitting.

  3. Good luck, I know you are stressing about your exams but I know you will do well. Both eating and running are both great stressbusters and I think the run with a cupcake in each hand comment is cute and sure to get you through this week. Hang in there… you are in the home stretch. BAM

  4. If you’re going to be bad, this is the way to do it! Wow, do those look good – I’d have a hard time saying no, too. (Oh, and I seriously vote for jog more. Then you get both types of endorphins- from the food and exercise. 😉 )

  5. Hi Dear! Hope studying is going well for the upcoming bar! Meanwhile, these treats are a great stress relief! haha.. I know right? Cheesecake and cupcakes are the best combination! Best of luck! I know I definitely gained a lot of weight during exam seasons. The lack of sleep contributes to unhealthy cravings and the mind just keeps creating excuses to procrastinate (eat) during cramming sessions! ahaha.. Jogging is great! Take care and make sure you sleep well!! 🙂 P.S. I would totally love for you to take a bit of the cupcake so I can see its interior!! 😀

  6. These look and sound gorgeous!! I wish I’d discovered baking when I was looking for excuses not to study when I was at Uni!!! I’m making up for lost time now though I hope 🙂

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