one seriously versatile rosemary cream gnocchi recipe

I absolutely love doing things with leftovers! It will likely come as a surprise, but I never really thought to do this before my boyfriend’s mother used leftover ham to make the most amazing soup. My mom is a little squeamish, I am sure that is why she does not utilize leftovers. It is silly though, using leftovers gives you a new depth of flavor to dishes that would be too time consuming to make otherwise. I used the leftovers from my recent cornish game hen recipe for this gnocchi recipe. I would never take the time to make a game hen, just to pull a bit of it apart for some gnocchi. Using leftovers gives me this option. Genius!

Besides using leftovers, this is one seriously versatile gnocchi recipe. It requires only the base ingredients I list below, but can be added to and altered in so many ways. For good ideas of extra things to add to this recipe, look at the scampi recipe at the bottom of my champagne diet post.


1 large sprig rosemary (or a few small ones)
1 small package baby bellas (chopped in 1/2 or large chunks)
leftover game hen ( or about 1/2 a plate of any leftover meat; adding meat at all is optional)
1 package gnocchi
1 pint heavy cream
garlic powder (on hand)
garlic salt (on hand)


Spray some cooking spray into a pan on medium heat and cook the baby bellas in it with no seasoning. When the bellas are still very firm, take them out of the pan and place them on a plate with your leftover meat (that should be shredded or cut into very small pieces). Then, in the same pan, add all of your cream, the sprig of rosemary, and a few shakes of garlic powder. Bring this combination to a boil slowly and then reduce the sauce down to a desired consistency. While the sauce is boiling, add a couple more shakes of garlic powder and start boiling your water to cook your gnocchi (continue with this process until your gnocchi is cooked and strained). When the rosemary cream sauce sauce is almost as thick as you would like it, remove the large sprig of rosemary (there will be pieces left behind, don’t worry about those), add the mushrooms, leftovers, and a few shakes of garlic salt. Make sure everything boils together for a minute, so that all of the flavors can commingle well. Then, take the rosemary cream sauce off the heat, stir in your gnocchi, and enjoy!

I love this recipe so much! I am cooking it again today and using leftover steak as my meat. The simple rosemary cream sauce really is one of my favorite white sauces.

28 thoughts on “one seriously versatile rosemary cream gnocchi recipe

  1. Oh girl, you had me at mushrooms. I saw that photo and HAD to read! Looks amazing. I am the leftover queen. There is no waste if I can help it. So far no one here complains 🙂 And I love to have recipes hanging around with fresh ideas for the scraps. This is super!

  2. It is genius! I love the combination of flavors. They all work so beautifully together. Now, I’m craving gnocchi (in a cream sauce!).

  3. Your site sure makes me hungry! (I plan on making your crockpot BBQ ribs recipe this weekend.) Thanks for coming by and giving my post a “like”…

  4. I’ve seen so many great gnocchi recipes, including this one, and I am just a bit nervous to make it myself. But you are definitely inspiring me to do just that. This just looks so darn delicious

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