pumpkin butter bread

I found this recipe on Oh She Glows. It looked absolutely scrumptious, and I am a huge fan of pumpkin butter, so I had to try it out. I pretty much followed the recipe, with the exception of using all purpose flour (This was an option in the recipe, but not what Angela used), adding a squeeze of honey, and using the “optional” clove, so I won’t repost it and bore you. I will say that my bread was not as gooey as the original recipe claimed it would be. Maybe not going out and buying spelt flour worked against me. I liked the bread as it was though. It was plenty moist, and made a lovely addition to my breakfast cup of earl grey.

Because I had to restock these three items, this recipe cost me a mint! These are quality products though and I absolutely recommend them. The honey is the same honey I have posted about before. I am obsessed with raw honey from my area now, it really helps my allergies.

If you follow the recipe, which I did because I LOVE pumpkin butter, you will end up using almost all of a small container. My mother likes to use 1/2 the amount this recipe calls for, and only puts pumpkin butter in the middle layer (There are 2 bread layers and 2 layers of pumpkin butter, my mom omits putting pumpkin butter on top.).

However you decide to do this recipe, you will end out with a lovely breakfast bread you will definitely enjoy!

19 thoughts on “pumpkin butter bread

  1. I love pumpkin butter and I like to put it on top of cottage cheese! I think a slice of this bread would be good to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  2. I totally would love to taste this, it has so many ingredients that I like in it! I agree, honey is amazing for your health and I’ve just started using coconut oil this past month!

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