mango ice cream

This recipe does not require an ice cream machine. Regrettably, I did not have an ice cream scoop either, so I had to use a kitchen spoon. Luckily, the ice cream was so creamy, and had such a smooth consistency, that an ice cream scoop was not needed.

This ice cream was tangy and exotic, perfect for a hot Florida summer or steamy spring break. I am on spring break now and I’m spending it with John in Tampa. I have been making heavy foods, like sausage and peppers, and homemade meatballs. This light and refreshing ice cream was a nice change of pace. I have been having so much fun hanging out with my sweetie and my little brother (he goes to school in Tampa). I am glad I remembered to take pictures, so I could post this lovely recipe.


2 cups and 1 splash heavy cream
4 fresh asian mangoes
1/2 fresh lime (squeezed directly into the mix)
2/3 cup sugar
2 tablespoons Absolute mandarin (This keeps the ice cream from becoming rock hard!)


First, I cut the mangoes and scooped all their flesh into my blender. I blended it until it had a smooth consistency. I then poured the puree into a casserole dish and added all the other ingredients, except the Absolute. I then took a hand-held mixer and mixed the ingredients until they were well-combined. Then, I added the Absolute and mixed everything once more before putting the uncovered dish into the freezer.

Once an hour, for 3 hours, I took the ice cream out of the freezer and mixed it until smooth with my hand-held mixer. After the 3 hours, I covered the ice cream with plastic wrap. I took the ice cream out one more time, after another 2 hours, and mixed it by hand with a silicone spatula. After that, I let the ice cream cool for another 5 hours before serving. The ice cream has been in my fridge for 2 days and has tasted amazing both days.

As you can see, I added a few raspberries to my ice cream. I found some extremely fresh and tangy organic raspberries and just knew they would compliment my cool treat perfectly. I cannot wait to sit out by the pool with a big mug of ice cream tomorrow:]

32 thoughts on “mango ice cream

  1. Mango is my absolute favourite fruit and I adore mango ice cream. Only ever eat mago kulfi when I go to Indian restaurant but never think to make that or ice cream at home. We get lovely mangos in Spain pretty much most of the year as they grow them down on the coast, so really must give this a try!

  2. I can’t belief this ice cream lasted a WHOLE 2 days. I love the fact that it does not need an ice cream maker as I also do not have one. We have so many mangos from the Philippines, I cant wait to try. BAM

  3. i cannot thank you enough for an icecream recipe that doesnt need an icecream maker! i dont own one (yet) & this is perfect! looks awesome, i love the addition of lemonjuice & absolute… must have spiked up the taste tenfold 🙂

  4. Beautiful ice cream! How nice to be able to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. And wonderful addition with the Absolute… great flavor and great way to keep the ice cream softer!

  5. I know there has been a little concern about the alcohol content of this recipe. Because my boyfriend does not drink (an never has/ is patently against it), we look things like this up. Whenever you cook with alcohol, like wine in pasta, there are still trace amounts left, but they are not significant, the same with amounts in things like nonalcoholic beer. This recipe contains two tablespoons of flavored vodka in many cups of other ingredients. I would venture that it does not even break the threshold to be considered to have a true alcohol content. I call my Dr. about things like this sometimes, and if there are any other questions, I am sure a quick call will alleviate any fears:] Hope this helps!

  6. my my!! I love mango ice-cream to death! I’m very impressed with this simple recipe! And the best thing is that I don’t need to go spend a fortune on an ice-cream maker. 😀

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