puppy love

My sweet sweet pup, Darwin, turned 1 this February 13th. The Sunday before his birthday, we had a party for him at Fleet People’s dog park, in Winter Park, FL. I will have to do a separate post on the park because, sadly, I didn’t take very many pictures. It was in the 40’s and I felt horrible. I went to my doctor the day after his party, and found out I have bronchitis with a sinus infection. No wonder I felt terrible! Luckily, we go to the park at least once a week, so getting more pictures will not be difficult.

The party was at 10 am, so I made breakfast for the people that came. I baked pumpkin muffins and mini quiches. I am going to post about the quiches later.

The party was decorated with happy birthday and first-birthday accessories and ballons. I was really excited about the party and was not going to let anything stop me from “over doing it.”

I made a strawberry banana jello bundt as Darwin’s birthday cake. It was very simple, but because I bought fancy doggy treats to jell into the top, it looked amazing. Sadly, I didn’t get a single picture of the jello cake. The stars of the day, besides the handsome birthday boy and his friends, were the homemade dog treats: pumpkin peanut butter biscuits.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Biscuits:  

Ingredients: 2 & 1/2 cups flour (Whole wheat is best, but not mandatory. Keep the flour open and on-hand.); 2 eggs, 2/3 cup pumpkin (good for pup’s little tummies); 2 heaping tbs peanut butter; 2 pinches salt (Optional, and I would shy away, unless you use all organic ingredients.); and 3 big shakes of cinnamon.

I mixed all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Once they were incorporated, I dusted a countertop with flour, and dumped the incorporated ingredients onto the countertop. What I had at that point was mush. I then folded a few handfulls of flour into the mush until I got something that resembled the picture above. It is not an exact science, I just made sure the dough seemed more dry and workable.

Once I had a good, dry dough, I rolled it flat and cut little hearts out.

I put the little hearts onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. I like the charming look of the flour dusted biscuits, so I didn’t give them an egg white wash, though that is always an option.

These biscuits were such a hit! They were made with love, low in calories, and otherwise pretty healthy as treats go. Anyone can go out and buy fancy dog treats, but not many people will take the time to make treats. I covered my bases, and did both. After all, pups only turn 1, once. I know my little guy had a great day, even though I was freezing the whole time.

I love you, Darwin!


16 thoughts on “puppy love

  1. I’ve never seen a recipe for homemade dog treats. I am going to make these for our Jake.
    Jake is our 12 year old golden retriever, and a real gentleman of a dog as well as forever playful-hearted. He is my constant companion while I write–unless Rick, my husband, is home, and then Jake is Rick’s constant companion. Rick is a teacher, and 12 years ago one of his 7th graders said, “Mr. Finseth, my dog just had puppies, and you’re going to want one.” Truer words were never spoken. Jake is our third child, the one that will never leave home, no slight intended to Eric and Sarah, our human kids. They love him as much as we do, and would love to get dogs of their own.
    Have you ever noticed that one thing snobby people have in common is they seldom have a dog? Dog people are friendly in general, unless they got a dog to be a guard dog and not because they love dogs, which is really the wrong reason to get a dog, and I always feel sorry for those dogs.
    Anyway, I’m going to make your beautiful dog biscuits. Thank you for the recipe!

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