clementine candle and bagel brunch

Delicious breakfast food with fragrant citrus lighting is perfect to brighten up a cold, grey, winter’s day.

Clementine Candle

I have seen a few blogs do the clementine candle, and honestly you can google the instructions, so I won’t bore you. There are a few things I found out when making one myself that I think are good to know, though.

Tips: 1. You can cut the clementine in half and only have to remove the fruit gingerly from the side with the “wick.” Also don’t worry about it being perfectly cut in half. 2. You can cut any shape into the lid, I chose a triangle because it was easy. Don’t kill yourself trying to make some fancy design. 3. The candles float, so you don’t need to find the perfect stand. I didn’t use it, but the lid of a Yankee cande would hold one well. 4. The lid on the candle may make it tip, so don’t put too much water in the bowl.  You can always opt to use a stand or 86 the lid if it topples too much. 5. You can put oil in it again and dump out the water if it tips. Remember to pour oil on the “wick” before lighting.

The candle was super easy to make, smelled amazing, and lasted over an hour. You do not have to worry about it burning out before your brunch is over, unless you continue your brunch into the day with champagne. I think I am going to use these instead of tacky tiki torches this summer when I have people over for a garden party, or drinking on my back porch.

Bagel Brunch

I often buy breakfast sandwiches for my “most important meal of the day” and am usually disappointed that they are never quite big enough, have too many calories, and never have fresh ingredients. I’ve found that the only way to get a good breakfast sandwich, is to make one yourself.

My best friends, Kayla and Ashley, set up the perfect girl’s brunch buffet today and helped me remedy my breakfast sandwich dilemma. They also set out a feast of finger foods to snack on and balance our breakfast into a brunch. They bought all the lovely produce at the Winter Park farmer’s market and got the bagels at Panera. After all, quality ingredients lead to quality products.

They set out fresh fruits to snack on and veggies fresh from the farmer’s market. The girls chopped and cooked the onions and peppers for the omelet station. There was also fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, and herb goat cheese.

Ashley baked the cinnamon, blueberry, and other sweetly flavored bagels at 400 degrees, until they were crispy. Then she cut them onto a platter with 2 flavors of cream cheese and cookies. I munched on these and crackers until my omelete was ready.

The omelets were vegetarian, which is exactly what I wanted on my bagel. All the veggies were so crisp and flavorful. I can’t even look at store-bought veggies the same anymore.

An everything bagel with cream cheese and a delicious, cheesy, veggie omelete. Yummmmm, thanks girls!

8 thoughts on “clementine candle and bagel brunch

  1. I like the everything bagels,just needs a little protein. Maybe some turkey and tomatoes would have made it more suitable for a carnivorous creature such as myself. But I definitely use this recipe for my next breakfast with friends or fam.

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