leftover brie blueberry puffs

I concocted this recipe one night when I saw a sorry little chunk of brie in the fridge and knew that both my mom and I wanted it. Like a classier version of hamberger helper, this recipe helps a little bit of brie go a long way. It is also perfect for when you have your friends over to watch a movie, a show, or sporting event and know that they are not going to be paying a lot of attention when they look down (if they can even see to look down). Messy dips and even a more messy brie bake may end up on your floor, or worse not get eaten at all!

I sometimes make this for friends even when I have enough brie to do another brie recipe. I will post a few more in the future. Occasionally it’s nice to have a little variety in recipes because as you will come to learn, I do not vary my cheeses much.

For this recipe you need: brie, blueberry jam, chopped pecans, pillsbury original crescent rolls, and honey. I use blueberry jam because I know everyone in my family likes it, but I personally love boysenberry. You can substitute in any flavor you like. The same goes for the pecans. You can add them, not add them, add walnuts instead, and so on. I like to add a pinch of brown sugar to my puffs after I add the honey, but my mom doesn’t like them too sweet. I don’t think they are too sweet with brown sugar, but in this recipe I omitted the pinch because they are good all the same without it. Just keep in mind that you can add a pinch, especially when using a sugar free more natural jam. One last little tip concerning the fillings, always use good ingredients. I highly recommend the brands you see in my pictures.


This recipe is mind numbingly easy. All you have to do is lay out your crescent triangles like you would if you were going to make plain crescents. Then you add a slice of brie, a sprinkle of nuts, a drop of honey, and just enough jam to cover the pile. After that you just roll the lot up and bake them according to the box’s instructions.

The perfectly wrapped puff above created the perfect looking puff below:]

Isn’t that gorgeous! And trust me, it’s delicious too. The perfect puff will not leak and the ingredients will have commingled well in the baking process. However, not every puff is a perfect puff. This recipe yields 8 puffs and I still sometimes get 1 puff gone bad.

To try and avoid a puff disaster, make sure not to over-stuff your puffs and make sure to pinch the seals shut. While these precautions obviously cannot insure you get a perfect puff batch every time, I have gotten perfect puff batches and don’t usually get any Frankenpuffs. Remember, Frankenpuffs need love too! They are just as delicious as the other puffs. You just wouldn’t want to serve a Frankenpuff to someone at a party.


6 thoughts on “leftover brie blueberry puffs

  1. I’ve made these before!!! They were slightly different. For one thing, I made one big square out of the rolls then added the cheese and fresh, chopped basil… Then folded the bread up in to one big roll. I sliced it for individual servings. I think I like the rolls better and I want to try them with jam. I make my own strawberry basil jam, it’s delish! 6 lbs strawberries, 1/4 c freshly squeezed lemon juice, 3 c sugar, and about 5 basil leaves. You need about 5 jam jars and a candy thermometer. Try it!! LOVE your posts!!

  2. Thanks babe! I am going to post a recipe where I use a real puff pastry to wrap a wheel of brie. It is more for a sit down party though. Oooh I love the jam recipe though! Send it to me in my facebook inbox! I have an idea to make it my style:]]]

  3. I wish we could get that crescent dough here in Australia, I use puff for more of my baking needs, unless I’m making a short crust from scratch tho. Nice use for those left over bits of cheese 🙂

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